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Red Light Therapy in Fort Wayne

Try Out Red Light Therapy For Your Skin, Your Health, and Your Happiness

At The WorXout, we're excited to start offering a new treatment called Red Light Therapy or RLT. This treatment originated with NASA and has shown to be effective in treating wrinkles, acne, redness, scars, signs of aging, and overall wound healing. Come in today to be one of the first members in Fort Wayne to take advantage of this revolutionary treatment.

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How Does Red Light Therapy Work?

When RLT was originally tested, it was used by NASA to encourage plant growth in space and heal minor wounds in astronauts. Since it was effective, interest in Red Light Therapy evolved to include more widely spread uses.

RLT works through increasing the energy efficiency of your mitochondria so that new cell growth, repairs to the skin, and overall rejuvenation is promoted. As the cells absorb the specific light wavelengths produced by RLT, they are stimulated to work in their intended ways faster and better.

Red Light Therapy at The WorXout can help you:
  • Increase collagen production to reduce wrinkles
  • Reduce inflammation helping with stiffness and pain
  • Increase blood circulation to promote healing

Come See Us In Fort Wayne For Red Light Therapy

If you're interested in improving your skin, increasing the natural healing abilities of your body, and experiencing less pain from minor injuries, Red Light Therapy at The WorXout may be the thing for you. We're dedicated to helping people from all over Fort Wayne feel more comfortable in their skin and this new treatment is just one more way for us to help our community.

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