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  • New Beginnings!

    Hello all! We've moved locations, opening day is November 6th ! We can assure you'll love our new facility!

    New Look, Same Hard Work!

    Our new address is
    5825 Covington rd
    Fort Wayne, IN

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  • 5 Big Things You Stand To Gain By Taking Your Body Composition Seriously

    We all put off measuring our body composition, whether it's getting it measured for the first time or even getting it done on a regular basis. But why is body composition analysis even important? Knowing your exact body composition values
    gives you a glimpse of what your weight is made up of. After all, it's not about how much you weigh or your weight's relationship to your age or height. It's more important to learn how much of your weight is made up of fat, water, bones, and muscle. What happens if you take that first small step of getting your body composition measured and continuously doing so? Here are some data-backed reasons
    with long-term benefits in this week's blog . ....

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  • Know Your Fats: The Impact of Dietary Fats on Body Composition

    In 1980, the USDA released the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, which labeled fat as bad
    and caused many people to reconsider the ingredients in the food they eat. We now see an abundance of low-fat or fat-free options wherever we go. Even our friends don't eat certain foods because it has "just too much fat". Watching what you eat is great, but how much of this "fat fear" is valid?
    This week's article goes through the four dietary fats
    commonly found in the food we eat. These four fats have different physiological effects once digested, some of which are beneficial and some of which may have negative impacts on health and should be limited. We also examine how
    each fat affects our ....

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  • What You Need to Know About Running and Body Composition

    Running is a popular sport with many cardiovascular benefits, but what impact can running as an exercise have on body composition? Furthermore, what impact does body composition have on the act of running? In this week's blog, get answers to how running can affect muscle and fat, break down misconceptions that surround the exercise, and compare the effects of endurance running versus sprinting. Here's to tracking the effects of exercise on our body composition! ....

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  • How to Stick to a Meal Plan that Works

    We've all heard of the "eat less, move more"
    philosophy, but what if this doesn't work for you? You decrease your food intake and push yourself for hours a week at the gym, but you see no results. What else can you be doing wrong? In this week's blog, we take a look at how meal planning
    plays an important role in helping you achieve sustainable
    and long-term outcomes
    in your weight loss or body recomposition efforts. This article also gives you 7 tips
    to help you stick to the meal plan you've created for your specific set of goals! Here's to creating healthy habits in both our diet and exercise! ....

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  • Can Knowing Your Somatotype Help You Change Your Body Composition?

    Everyone comes in all different shapes and sizes. Some seem to build muscle easier. Some seem to stay skinny no matter what they eat. But does that mean the body shape you're born with limit what you can do with your body composition? In this week's blog, we take a look at how understanding your body shape
    , also known as somatotype
    , gives you the information you need to optimize your body composition.
    Our different body types respond to diet and exercise differently, and understanding your genetic predisposition can save you headaches in figuring out why what you're doing doesn't seem to work. Here's to finding out what works best for our unique bodies? ....

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  • How to Get Fit When You Work Crazy Hours

    You work over 45 hours a week, barely having time to maintain a social life, relax, or even sleep. How can you even have time to get fit and stay healthy on such a busy schedule? In honor of National Physical Fitness & Sports month, this week's blog covers three actionable and efficient strategies for busy professionals like yourself to get your health back on track. Here's to making time for what really matters! ....

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  • How to Use HIIT to Improve Your Body Composition

    You'veprobably heard the term HIIT being thrown around the gym and among fitness headswho swear by it. What is HIIT, how does it work, and how can you use it to efficiently improve your body composition? In this week's blog, we break down exactly what HIIT is and how it affects different components of your body composition like body fat and muscle. Then we give you tips on how you can use HIIT in your everyday exercise and even combine it with other new workouts to make the most of your workout time. Here's to enhancing our exercise with new techniques to build muscle and lose fat in fun and different ways! ....

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