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Is it possible to be a mom AND a badass?

Is it possible to be a mom AND a badass?

I AM A MOM. I AM A BADASS. It took me a long time to realize, both are possible. 

When I first became a mother (@23years old), I thought I must now devote all my time/life to my child. My identity became, "Jacob's Mom". At least thats how I thought it should be. I was not fulfilled. Although I didn't realize that at the time. 

As time went on and I had 2 more children, I was going through the motions of the day. Not really feeling like I was fitting in anywhere. Feeling like there was more for me. I think it was that Mother's Guilt that creeps in every time I would think of doing something for me. Spending time with other mothers, going out drinking & eating, bitching about our husbands and kids, is not at all what I consider fun.

I came across a quote by Marianne Williamson, the quote I have attached here. This was truly life changing. LET MY LIGHT SHINE. So I did. My Light Shines when I worXout. I have always worked out. I started worXing out. It became a solid NON-Negotiable. 100%. Every day. No Matter What. 

Next I was exposed to SEALFIT. This lit my fire. After completing KOKORO 46 this past April, I am proud to call myself a BADASS. Every Mother in the world needs to know, this is possible. YOU CAN GO AFTER YOUR DREAMS WITH NO GUILT. I am a better mother because of this. My kids are FANTASTIC and my life doesn't have to be focused on them. They witnessed my dedication to complete something impossible. Instead of me just telling them, anything is possible. 

And the best part, I AM HAPPY!

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