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  • Meet With A Personal Trainer At The FWCC Fitness Center!

    Join us at The FWCC Fitness Center to start getting in shape today! We know that one size DOES NOT fit all, which is why we offer personalized fitness and health programs for our clients!
    Personal Training
    Our individualized plans are ideal for pushing yourself to your limits and reaching your fitness and health goals! You won't find a better plan to get in great shape quickly and safely. With the comfort and privacy of meeting with a Personal Trainer, you'll find yourself being held accountable and surpassing each fitness goal you set. At FWCC Fitness Center, we provide our clients with nothing other than Top Level Fitness Training which is why you'll always bust through stubborn ....

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  • Personal Training in Fort Wayne - The WorXout - I survived SEALFIT and I can't wait to go back!

    I survived SEALFIT and I can't wait to go back!

    I survived SEALFIT! For those of you who don't know, SEALFIT is a program for civilians and potential Special Opps candidates to experience NAVY SEAL type training. They help us regular people reach or at least see, our true potential. The program is a total immersion. You eat, sleep and breath the Navy Seal life. What really attracted me to this type of training was the very first page of the book, The Unbeatable Mind. To paraphrase, it stated, if you are sick of being mediocre, and sick of everybody around you settling for mediocre, then this training is for you. I was riding in the car with my husband, when I read this first page. I didn't need anymore convincing. I read that page out ....

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