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  • Personal Training in Fort Wayne - The WorXout - Is it possible to be a mom AND a badass?

    Is it possible to be a mom AND a badass?

    I AM A MOM. I AM A BADASS. It took me a long time to realize, both are possible. When I first became a mother (@23years old), I thought I must now devote all my time/life to my child. My identity became, "Jacob's Mom". At least thats how I thought it should be. I was not fulfilled. Although I didn't realize that at the time. As time went on and I had 2 more children, I was going through the motions of the day. Not really feeling like I was fitting in anywhere. Feeling like there was more for me. I think it was that Mother's Guilt that creeps in every time I would think of doing something for me. Spending time with other mothers, going out drinking & eating, bitching about our ....

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  • Why is there so much information?!?!?!?!

    We are living in a world of information. So much information. Try this new workout, try this new diet, the 1 thing you need to change your life. There is so much information, yet we are more confused than ever. What do we do? Fitness and Nutrition are simple. Don't over complicate it. The missing link---the answer is already IN you. COMMITMENT. You MUST commit to a program, long term to create life long changes in your life. As a fitness professional, it is simple for me to get you on the right path. Every BODY is different, so 1 diet and 1 workout plan WILL NOT WORK FOR EVERYBODY. YOU MUST COMMIT TO IT 100%. You must stay the course. You Must TRUST the process. Clear as mud, right? Ok. ....

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  • Take this test to find out if you will die in the next 6 years.

    Will I die in the next 6 years? Nobody really wants to think about their mortality. HOWEVER, the AWESOME part of this is YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE IT! The WorXout and our QUALIFIED trainers can help you to LIVE LONGER! And it’s not as difficult as you may think. A couple of movements completed with consistency will create a HUGE difference in your life!!!! Send me your contact info and the best times to meet so we can have a chat about you and your life! INFO@THEWORXOUT.COM I Promise I will get back with you ASAP! A simple screening test of musculo-skeletal fitness has proved remarkably predictive of all-cause mortality in a study of more than 2000 middle-aged and older men and ....

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  • Will I fit in at The WorXout?

    It's intimidating coming into a new gym for the first time! I know! I've been there! I've had potential clients ask me, "will I fit in here?" It's a common question I think most people have asked themselves in many different situations. Gyms usually come with a preconceived notion with either lady's jumping around in spandex all fit and skinny, or guys grunting a "judging" you (I promise you-I've know a LOT of bodybuilders & they are all just so excited YOU are working out. They were not born muscle bound-most were either skinny or overweight and tried and failed more times than you know) or a place for people that want to lose weight. The members at the WorXout all have 1 thing in ....

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  • Get to know your bODY TYPE, PLEASE!

    The media sucks. From the time we are able to open our eyes and watch tv or commercials, we are constantly being told, YOU ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH. It's such BULL! As Women, it is ingrained in our brains and self worth, that we must look like a Victoria's Secret Model and weigh a certain weight. If we do not, we are substandard. Did you know, if you hear and see something enough times, YOU BELIEVE IT--WHETHER IT IS TRUE OR NOT! That's the way your brain works. You can brainwash yourself into thinking anything you want to believe. YOU ARE IN CHARGE! Or you can let someone (or the media) brainwash you. Let's Change this. Let's start with getting to know your body type. You have a unique body, ....

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  • Cardio=Bad Boyfriend.

    Cardio is like a bad boyfriend. Looks like a good idea at first... After a couple months of pure bliss, the truth comes out. Cardio pretends to be something it's not. Cardio will not change your body. Cardio will only run you ragged leaving you tired, hungry and completely unsatisfied. And You will stick with Cardio for too long. The empty promises will keep luring you in. Sure, it feels good while you are doing it but the dirty little secret, that Cardio likes to keep, will have you feeling like a loser. Ashamed you have spent all this precious time getting nowhere. The diminishing effects of cardio are real. STOP the insanity! Cardio is an important part of the puzzle, it is NOT THE ....

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  • Personal Training in Fort Wayne - The WorXout - It's just easier for me...

    It's just easier for me...

    I have heard, "It's just easier for you. You wouldn't understand", so many times. I think it's time to tell my story. I have never been skinny. I remember in High School, I decided to take up running because I wanted to have a "runners body". That didn't work. I am not built that way. I was not created to be a runner. Once I started running, it became like a bad boyfriend, giving you just enough to keep hanging on, then ultimately disappointing you, time and time again. You start to think that you need to do more cardio to burn more fat. It makes sense--Calories in, Calories out. Simple. Right? I ran and ran and ran and ran. I started running 9 miles a day. Running marathons, mini ....

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  • Personal Training in Fort Wayne - The WorXout - KOKORO 46

    KOKORO 46

    KOKORO 46. The Ultimate Crucible. Don't do it. Never ever do KOKORO. I do not recommend it... UNLESS you want it so bad in your heart, you are willing to die or finish. DO NOT attempt this to try to show off your athletic ability. If you think you are a badass, you're not. You will not make it. KOKORO is different. Completing KOKORO requires complete commitment in your heart and soul. Quitting can not be an option. WHY? That's the question I hear from most people when I tell them, I completed a Navy Seal Hell Week Experience. Most will never understand. And that's OK. I LOVE to WORXOUT. I LOVE to Push Myself. I could no longer exist in a world of mediocrity, doing the minimum it takes to ....

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  • Meet With A Personal Trainer At The FWCC Fitness Center!

    Join us at The FWCC Fitness Center to start getting in shape today! We know that one size DOES NOT fit all, which is why we offer personalized fitness and health programs for our clients!
    Personal Training
    Our individualized plans are ideal for pushing yourself to your limits and reaching your fitness and health goals! You won't find a better plan to get in great shape quickly and safely. With the comfort and privacy of meeting with a Personal Trainer, you'll find yourself being held accountable and surpassing each fitness goal you set. At FWCC Fitness Center, we provide our clients with nothing other than Top Level Fitness Training which is why you'll always bust through stubborn ....

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  • Personal Training in Fort Wayne - The WorXout - I survived SEALFIT and I can't wait to go back!

    I survived SEALFIT and I can't wait to go back!

    I survived SEALFIT! For those of you who don't know, SEALFIT is a program for civilians and potential Special Opps candidates to experience NAVY SEAL type training. They help us regular people reach or at least see, our true potential. The program is a total immersion. You eat, sleep and breath the Navy Seal life. What really attracted me to this type of training was the very first page of the book, The Unbeatable Mind. To paraphrase, it stated, if you are sick of being mediocre, and sick of everybody around you settling for mediocre, then this training is for you. I was riding in the car with my husband, when I read this first page. I didn't need anymore convincing. I read that page out ....

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