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I've never been thin. For too long, I wanted to be THIN. I looked at models, other people's bodies and wanted to LOOK like them.

The hard truth is, I don't have a model's body type. I was born ME-curvy and strong.

Thankfully, after being on this journey for most of my life, I NOW WANT TO BE THE BEST VERSION OF ME. I want to be STRONG. I've had 3 kids (and I have 1 on the way!)--So I've been Fit-to Fat-to Fit.

I am here to tell you ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! FORGET SKINNY. Think STRONG. I want to share my passion for fitness and health so YOU can FEEL as good as I do EVERY DAY! 

I am here for you to learn from my mistakes and 20 years of experience in the fitness industry! 

Trust me, I've tried it all--- 30-day juice cleanses, cardio, vegan, restrictive diets, counting calories, fasting, wrapping my self in plastic wrap (TRUE STORY)...oh there's more. 

I know what it's like to avoid mirrors, avoid pictures, work my butt off with no results. I also know what it's like to strut around in my bikini on the beach with my 3 kids. AND IT'S FABULOUS.

Come to the other side and join me in living your BEST LIFE in YOUR BEST BODY! 

- Erin Scheele


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