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Reach Optimal Performance In All Realms Of Life With This Men Only Fitness Program In Fort Wayne!

Following the same principles you use in your every day life to be a success, our OPTaFIT program will help you find success in your health and fitness!

At The WorXout in Fort Wayne, we invite you to join us in the most unique and driven program on the market. Our elite trainers incorporate the tactics of military regimen, sports psychology, neuro-biology, and meditation to ensure you surpass any health and fitness goals you've set for yourself!

Are You Ready To Rise To The Challenge With OPTaFIT In Fort Wayne?

You will surprise even yourself with your ability to keep up with the demands of this intensive program. OPTaFit in Fort Wayne is designed to help you reach your optimal physique through tactical fitness. Through this system, you'll not only transform physically, but you'll also see yourself grow mentally.

If you have conquered all realms of success except your health and fitness, look no further. Join us today! All you have to do is fill out the short form on the side of this page to reach optimal performance in life!


Personal Training

The Personal Training sessions at The WorXout focus entirely on you. You and the trainer will develop an action plan focused around your fitness goals, and your ...

Massage Therapy

Massage is a vital aspect of a regular exercise and fitness program, and The WorXout includes sessions as part of your all-inclusive membership. Switch out a tr ...

Nutrition Counseling

At The WorXout we know that food is an important part in any fitness goal. Whether you want to lose weight or gain muscle, what you put in your body has a huge ...

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